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  1. 2017.10.10 Ching Young Choe 1972 The Rule of the Taewŏn'gun, 1864-1873
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Ching Young Choe, The Rule of the Taewŏn'gun, 1864-1873 Restoration in Yi Korea (Mass: HUP, 1972)

“Taewŏn'gun now takes his place as one of those bitter-end supporters of a great tradition who in their own minds defy the trends of modern history while actually making history anew.” 

Ching Young Choe was born in a small village in the district of Yŏngch'ŏn (North Kyŏngsang province) on Dec 27, 1927. ... at the age of four Ching Young began to study Chinese and the Chinese classics. From 1940 to 1945 he attended the Middle School in Yamaguchi, Japan. After receiving the diploma of a high-school teacher in 1946, he taught English and mathematics in Kyŏngju until 1948, when he entered Chungang University in Seoul. His studies of English literature were interrupted by the Korean War, during which he served as an interpreter to the UN Forces.

In January 1952 he was admitted to the Univ. of Denver, where he received a B.A. in international relations in the summer of 1954. ... he held various jobs outside the university. In the fall of the same year he was admitted to Harvard. Scholarships from the Harvard-Yenching Institute facilitated his studies, which reflected the wide scope of his interests: Chinese and Japanese history, Russian studies, economics and anthropology. In June 1956 he received the M.A. degree in Regional Studies-East Asia. Always deeply concerned with the fate of his country, he then turned to Korean history and finished his Ph.D. in June 1960. From 1956 to 1958 he taught Korean at Harvard. In the academic year of 1960-1961 he was engaged in compiling a Korean history syllabus for the American Council of Learned Societies. The following year he was a research fellow of the East Asian Research Center.

In October 1962 he received a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and went to Bonn, Germany, where he continued his studies of Korea's social and economic history. At the same time he taught Korean language and history at the University of Bonn. ... In the fall of 1965 he was called to Marburg/Lahn where he was responsible for the Korean section of the Staatsbibliothek, Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Serious illness was destroying his health, however, and after many months of suffering Ching Young Choe died in Zurich on July 8, 1966. The present volume is thus not only a study of value in itself but also a memorial to a gifted and promising young scholar. It has been made possible by the devoted and scholarly care with which Dr. Martina Deuchler, herself a specialist in the history of traditional Korea and a Harvard Ph.D. of 1967, has aided the editorial process. Dr. Deuchler has also contributed a brief Epilogue such as Dr. Choe himself might have added in summing up his work."  -  from Foreword

"The unexpected field of Korean history is awaiting more research from which more trustworthy conclusions can be ventured, not only to give us a deepened knowledge of Korean history, but also to help us draw fruitful comparisions [sic] with developments in China and Japan. This book is but a small beginning. If it stimulates research, its purpose will have been fulfilled. 

Zurich, January 1971

Martina Deuchler"  -  from Epilogue

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